The Ladder Rules

  1. All matches shall follow the USTA Official Rules of Tennis

  2. New players may join the ladder at any time, entering at the bottom of the Singles Ladder.

  3. At any time, you may request to play a player ranked a division above, someone in the same division, or someone in a lower division. (You may request to play any player on the ladder, but challenges occurring in a division outside of the afore mentioned three, will be a social game, and will not count toward Ladder results.) Players will initiate matches by sending an email to the player they wish to play.

  4. While it is not mandatory to play any particular match, please try to honor as many match requests as you possibly can. Remember the more matches everyone plays, the more match tough and the sharper we get.

  5. The winner of the match is responsible for reporting the scores using the Match Report form. Movement in the Ladder is dependent upon whether the players are "Ladder Players" (players who have a match win on the ladder), or "Point Players" (players who do not yet have a match win to their credit, and whose positioning in the ladder is determined by SST Points).