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The sample display for me shows my rank, a userid that you can click on to send an email to challenge me to a game,
my name (underscored to show that there is an action photo that you can see by clicking on the name)
skill level, club affiliation, etc.
games won and games played (at this ladder level) and the resulting SST points are kept for the last match reported
as well as a cummulative Total SST Points based on total games won and total games played (at this ladder level)

5 Singles Universal 5.0 (M 5.0, F 5.5 or F 6.0)

rank userid name skill club ladder BAR sex wins losses forfeits* gameswon gamesplayed SSTpoints totalwon totalplayed totalpoints
JeffScot Jeff Scott Photo Available Teaching Pro  Yonkers Tennis  12  16  750  31  45  688 

* About forfeits: The forfeit column is set to zero whenever a player actually plays a match, so it would be better labeled "consecutive forfeits" or "forfeits in a row". A forfeit also counts as a loss and is counted in the losses column.

Keys: rank = ladder rank, ladder = Singles are 1-13, Doubles are 14-26, sex = Male: 0, Female: 1, Mixed: 2 SST Match Points = gameswon divided by gamesplayed, SST Total Points = totalwon divided by total played

You can add your photo to the display, by providing the name of a file and sending it to me to upload to my system.
The file name should be your_name.jpg or your_name.gif when you enter it. Or see me and I'll take an action shot for you.

On the ladder, click on the player's name to see action photo.
Click on the userid to send an email challenge.