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Hard Rock Pro Shop
Hard Rock Pro Shop
This section will start with a few items, and will grow and expand 
from there.  The first products that I am excited to start things off with
are the fabulous training tapes of the Bollittieri Tennis Academy. 
I have trained on several occasions at the facility, and have seen all
of the tapes, and believe me, these are a must see for anyone 
who is interested in taking their game to a very high level.  
All of the material is there, you just have to watch and practice,
and you will learn the strokes that are on the cutting edge of today's tennis game.  
Incidentally I am also officially an agent of the academy, 
so if any one is interested in visiting the famed camp in Bradenton
for a workout, write me an email, and I will hook you up.

In addition to offering the products for the mind such as the tapes 
or books, our store will also offer some cool ScottScoopTennis Memorabilia 
such as shirts,  water bottles, or coffee mugs, and will also offer products 
recommended by the ScottScoop professional demo squad and staff on products 
that are recommended to our tennis warriors as they head out to do battle.  
We will also advise you as to if a product has a particular appeal to 
a certain level player whether it is a 1.5 player, or a 6.5.  

So this is what will be happening here. 
	Do check back occasionally as we will be updating our 
		cozy hard rock pro shop with new offerings every so often.
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