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Here is a way to create matches on the Internet.
Scores can be added and rankings will automatically be adjusted.
You can read the guidelines sheet and enter your level of play.
Level change is instantaneous after each match.
Separate rankings for Singles and Doubles.
Ladder matches can even be created between men and women (the challenge of the sexes)
or mixed doubles.
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Use your credit card to pay for Registration
and then

Create new user account - Join the ladder!
Display rankings - See who is playing.

Here's a sample of the rankings
Here's who's on the ladder now! List Names and Userids

The court report - Here are the results - first hand reports!
Report a match - Report your results.
Modify user account - Change your account information.
Delete user account - Remove your name from current play.

Tennis ladder rules Rules and information about the ladder.
The FAQs FAQs that you may find helpful.
Contact for ScottScoop Please contact ScottScoop for any other questions.