Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   How does this ladder work? When do I start playing?
A.   The basics of how the ladder works are all at the tournament guidelines page.

Q.   What are the tennis rules for...
A.   Here are some links to the tennis rules: USTA Official Rules of Tennis.

Q.   I don't think I belong at this skill level, can I change my rating?
A.   Yes, you can use the "modify user account" page to change what skill level you are.

Q.   This is cool, I'd like to start my own tennis/squash/yodeling ladder, could I use your code?
A.   Please do, Please contact my webmaster for further info: webmaster

Q.   I don't have access to Westchester, New York, can I still play?
A.   Not yet. You can only participate in this ladder if you have access to Westchester. But contact me if you would be interested in my starting a ladder in your areal. Email me

If the answer to your question isn't here then email me.