Welcome to the all-new ScottScoopTennis Website. ScottScoopTennis is a web based Tennis Ladder where you can finally meet your match. The site features Singles and Doubles ladders for both men and women either separately or combined. Players can arrange competitive new challenge matches over the Internet, and may input their results online, and watch their ranking position change with each result. While it is not the norm in many other venues, "challenge of the sexes" matches will frequently be taking center court in ScottScoopTennis Land and men and women can compete in the same playing arena! Players who come on board may also take solace in the fact that a portion of your $25 subscription fee (about the cost of a single racquet restringing!) in addition to helping to finance this new web based service, will also be dedicated to growing the game, and donated back to participating clubs, who have promised to put the money to effective use, spreading the gospel of one of the greatest charities of all, this great game of ours.

In Match-Maker, we'd like to provide a place for tennis fanatics as well as other passionate sports minded people to find their "match", tennis or otherwise!

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Please read all of our guidelines, rules and regs so that you may always play safe. Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, requests or suggestions. And allow me to close with the famous ScottScoopTennis Mantra: "Remember, you can get better if you want to". Good Luck and let the games begin!
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