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Welcome to the Match-Maker, the place where PLAYERS may find their match!!
 At Match-Maker, we'd like to provide a place where 
 men and women who have a passion for an active or sportive
 life style, may have an opportunity to meet one another.
 You can add your name and interests to the database,
  delete or make changes to your entry, or  
  view the database. - Selections by location and interests are possible. 
  You can provide a photo action  shot and see others in action. 
  With regards to your photo, we request that you upload a photo of you
  participating in your favorite sport. We also strongly suggest that 
  if you currently do not participate in a sport or an activity, we have
  two choices for you. You either may NOT sign up for this site, 
  or you had better find yourself a sport to get passionately involved 
  with fast!! Going to a gym is acceptable as long as it's done on 
  a regular basis. Also smoking or any other habits that indicate 
  an unhealthy life style are highly discouraged in Match-Maker 
  or Ladder participants.

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